About Us

We are a transformational venture capital firm with a commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial growth, while providing our investors access to a myriad of investment opportunities. Founded in 1998 by Christopher B. Lucas, we tailor each investment with our unique investment model and hands-on approach, while our agility allows us to synthesize a wealth of detail into a focused vision.

Our Approach

The flow of our economy often dictates change at a moment’s notice. We facilitate responsiveness and an investment strategy that builds upon our vast network of established partnerships.  As opportunistic investors, our venture approach is founded upon evaluating early-stage to late-stage companies, initially investing anywhere from $2MM to $10MM.  Our unique investment model provides the opportunity to invest in our portfolio of companies either on a deal-by-deal basis or through a committed fund structure.

Entrepreneurial Focus

We seek visionary entrepreneurs developing market-transforming products or technologies, who also share our values. We want to be the very best partners and help drive growth, provide mentorship and work with some of the most creative minds. Our team – comprised of former executives and entrepreneurs – provides access to leadership expertise, strategic guidance and insights in innovation.   Our focus is our commitment to help entrepreneurs build and grow innovative and enduring technology companies.  Over the past almost two decades, our main investment focus has centered in privately-held companies, primarily in the Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Semiconductor Design, Mobile Applications and Clean Technology sectors.

Partners | Strategy

We also consider our investors partners, and as such, provide equally strategic guidance. Our investors have the opportunity to invest alongside institutional investors and first-tier venture capital firms.  Our unique investment model provides unparalleled flexibility to our investors – either on a deal-by-deal basis or through a committed fund structure.  We are transparent with our investors and meet with our partners every year to share our expectations of our portfolio companies. Through our vast networks and partnerships, we are able to offer our investors a myriad of prospective investment opportunities, choosing companies developing market-transforming products or technologies.